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Christopher Ward 40mm diesel watch

Le 15 décembre 2015, 04:05 dans Humeurs 0

Their in-house SH21 movement has been the basis of a number of wonderful releases for Christopher Ward since its release last June. The very first Diesel watches sale uk to house it was the C9 5-day, which I reviewed here. A gorgeous watch, but too big for many at 43mm in diameter. This has led to the release of this watch, which is exactly the same in every way – apart from the size. It’s a much more respectable 40mm, which fits the classic / dress watch category to a tee. Because it’s so similar, I won’t go into too much detail with this review – so please feel free to have a read of the 43mm review here.

The 40mm version will cost you the same as the 43mm – that being £1375 (not sure why, although I think it’s more of a case of the 43mm version being dropped in price Diesel Limited Editions from £1500). So currently, you can get either for the same price. Really then, it’s down to whether you prefer to get more for your money or just prefer larger watches, or a watch that fits the dress code a little better.


Inleiding Om diesel Horloge Onderhoud Advies

Le 14 décembre 2015, 04:14 dans Humeurs 0

Diesel horloges verzorging en regelmatig onderhoud nodig hebben om de juistheid ervan te garanderen en om het uiterlijk te beschermen.

Het is belangrijk op te merken echter op dat elk merk en model van horloge heeft zijn eigen richtlijnen specifieke zorg en je moet altijd verwijzen naar de fabrikant handleiding of garantie, voorzien van uw horloge. Waterwerend

Kom alles te weten de beste manieren om de zorg voor uw waterbestendig horloge om het in goede conditie te houden.

Leren hoe de zorg voor uw niet waterbestendig horloge om zijn lange levensduur te garanderen en om het in onberispelijke staat te houden.

Wat uw stijl van het horloge, kan onze Diesel Nieuwe Limited Editions reparatiediensten het een refresh om te voorkomen dat uw horloge kijken zo goed als nieuw.

Experience days Gadgets diesel watches

Le 14 décembre 2015, 03:18 dans Humeurs 0

If there's one thing that people Diesel watches don't tend to buy for themselves all too often, it's activities like a hot-air balloon ride or a track day. 

You have the opportunity to play to their interests here, too. If the recipient likes to push themselves to the extreme, then a day out white-water rafting would be right up their street. Alternatively, if they love nothing more than relaxing, a pampering day at a spa would be ideal. 

For the tech-savvy spouse or relative, a smart watch could be the very thing that's missing from their collection of electronics. This Sony Chronograph Men's Diesel watches Smartwatch comes with a beautiful leather strap, which gives this cutting-edge piece of tech a classic, nostalgic feel. The face is minimalist and modern, and will look great when teamed up with a smart shirt and suit jacket. 

With plenty of days left before Christmas, there's still time to pick out something that the person you're buying for will really love. We've given you a handful of ideas to get the creative juices flowing here, but if you're still mulling things over, then remember to try our gift finder, too.

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